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girl: i love skater boys
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Get it together people.

or were you referring to the other black people dressed ” respectfully ” during that time period that were being attacked with fire hoses and dogs? or maybe the ones getting lynched while white people stood under them, smiling and taking pictures? 
or was it the ones that stood alongside MLK, dressed just as nicely, that got blown up inside of a church?
racism has nothing to do with how ” respectfully ” we dress. it’s about race.
stop making excuses for them you piece of shit.

OP is a bloody idiot. We were never taken seriously.

It’s never been about race. It has always been about the power/hate dichotomy.. The lack of dissemination of racial lines is just a byproduct. And that’s why they continue to not take poc seriously today. They don’t kill unarmed teenagers because said teen has more melanin in their skin. They don’t murder fathers and brothers because they look different than they do. They don’t rape mothers and sisters because their hair is a different gradient than theirs. They do it because they don’t want to lose power. And they hate anyone who tries to take it.
White people didn’t go to Africa to steal people just because they were a different race, they did it to accumulate more power. More workers equals more harvest. More harvest equals more money. More money equals more power.
Look at the national statistics. Aside from our President (which took a mighty long time), how many poc are in positions of power compared to caucasians? You don’t have to do the research to know that the ratio is small.
They are losing power, and they hate that. So what do they do? They force us to perpetuate more hate. How far do you think the civil rights leaders would have gotten if they hated their oppressors? 
So the question of the age remains: how/when will they take us seriously? 
The answer is quite simple, really. When we take away their power, we take away their influence. How do we take away their power? By cutting off their power source; no, not by beheading every racist that you see (though that is plausible), but by ending the hate that we hold in our hearts towards them. As difficult as it may seem, we have to love them. We have to teach them what love for humanity is. Otherwise, how will we coexist?

I don’t expect this shift in paradigm to happen overnight, but with small, conscience efforts, we can propel our nation into what it was meant to be; the land of the free. Until then, “…with liberty, and justice for SOME.”
I will leave you with this quote by Malcolm X:
“You can’t hate the roots of the tree without ending up hating the tree”

Bruh , bounce. While it’s about remaining powerful it’s always been about race and will continue to be about race. Poc are shot because of race, our women are raped because of race and we are made a mockery of based on race. I don’t think I’ve seen a white person dress up in Asian face. It’s not so much as hate in people’s heart either, as it’s disgust and dislike due to the ignorance and inequality. I see your point, pretty decent facts, but If it’s not about race then why are black people more targeted than an other race around? We are pioneers of a vast amount of technology and utilities that we utilize today and yet.. We are demeaned more than any other race. We move forward from it, always, and that’s more strength than anyone else can demonstrate.

^^ Totally agree with the last person. Don’t make excuses for them. We are all human and deserve to be treated like one. Regardless of how we dress, the “love” and all that other bs.